WZ3F/4 GPS Coordinate Locator  Road, Aerial, and Bird's eye location by GPS coordinates.
WZ3F/4 YouTube Image Grab  Maxresdefault and the rest...
WZ3F/4 Florida Peninsula NEXRAD Radar  National Weather Service / Weather Underground

Map My Distance  Map your routes.

WZ3F/4 Moon Phase Calendar  Scrollable Moon Phase Calendar.
WZ3F/4 World Time Clock & Map  World map with cities and time zones.
WZ3F/4 Local Television/Weather/Network Feeds  Live coverage. Updated continuously.
WZ3F/4 Fort Lauderdale ATV  Commercial Blvd. and Bayview Drive looking northwest.

WZ3F  Look me up.
WR5G  Look up this guy.         WR5G  www.wr5g.net
WG1N  And this dude, too.
N4FL  South Florida Hamsters
WR4AYC/R  WR4AYC Repeater Group

QRZ  Look everyone up.
HamCall  Look 'em up, here, too.
HamBid  UK Ham Radio Auction Site
CQoogle  Ham Radio Search Engine
HamRadioTube  Videos being watched...

Facebook  =)
MySpace  My my_____ site.
Flickr  Some pics.
YouTube  My favorites.
CQTube  My favorites about Ham Radio.
Ham Radio Nation  CQ. CQ!
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eBay  Crap I have for sale.

MKWB  Missouri Kansas Wyoming Bank
Initial Program Load   International business machines.
Black Anchor  In Ports of Call Everywhere.
Potential Disorder  Scary, man!
SantaJaws  The original Mudshark hat!
Black Gulch  Rattlers abound!
Dead Mans Gulch  Western days.
Devils Gulch  "Howdy, pard'ner!"
Joe Gorilla  Joe Gorilla
Matomba  Moe in Africa.
Dark Red Sky Pictures  Cinema and Television

Ken Osmond  Edward Clark "Eddie" Haskell
Keith Krueger Art  Mixed Media Assemblages

Hello Harry Here  Hello Harry Here Taxi, Naples, FL
Fifth Independent  I hate their music, too.
To Take Over The Earth  11/11/11 Join the revolution.

Speedtest  Speedtest.net - The Global Broadband Speed Test
FrontierNet  FrontierNet Network Speed Test
Bandwidth Place  HTML5 Network Speed Test
Server Variables  Useless information about you.

The Old Farmer's Almanac  Plant crops.

ICOM  Because they rule!
Yaesu  Because they rule, too.  Sometimes.
Kenwood  Sorry. They just don't rule anymore. Only their old stuff. (Like the TS-130SE.)
Alinco  A-rinc-o...
TenTec  For you preferred types.
ARRL  Pronounced "A - Double R - L"

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